Study Week 2020

Study Week 2020

When David’s life is summarised in 2 Samuel 23 it says he was “the man who was raised up on high, the anointed of the God of Jacob.” This incredible follower of God became king yet started his life as a secluded shepherd. David was ultimately loved by the masses yet spent much of his youth as an outcast. A fierce and feared warrior, yet once a small boy mocked standing with just a sling and five stones.

In a time when the nation of Israel was filled with fear, disorder, and cruelty, God prepares a youth filled with compassion, vigour, and “the Spirit of the LORD”. When Israel thought they knew what kind of king they wanted, God developed and prepared the King He knew they needed: David.

David’s life is an incredible demonstration of what can be achieved when God is placed at the centre of your heart.

At Study Week 2020 we will consider the development of the young David, witnessing his fervent emotion, rich humility, personal failings, and ultimate acceptance of God’s ways that would hold David in good stead for the rest of his mortal life. We will focus on the preparation of David’s heart, not just to be king, but to one day live forever in God’s kingdom.

We will join David in his humble origins, out in the fields as he cares for his sheep and follow him to the throne as he becomes king of Israel, desiring to build a house for his God, and receives the promise of eternal life. We will share together in this incredible story as David experiences the lows and highs of sin and salvation, we will see the incredible comfort that can be found in a Godly friendship, watch as his relationship with his own king deteriorates, as he inspires and leads an army of followers, and builds a dependable relationship with his God. It’s a narrative full of drama, action, romance, and betrayal; richly coloured through the beauty of the Psalms he writes, which enables us to explore David’s mind every step of the way.

David prepared his heart in his youth, and we will seek to do the same together at Study Week. God is known as ‘the God of David’, and God wants to be known as your God too. So join us at Study Week 2020 as we explore Israel’s first faithful king, and as we too prepare our hearts for the greatest king the world will ever see.

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