Study Week 2020 Booking Form

Hi. Welcome to the bookings page for Study Week 2020, God willing. We have reached the maximum capacity that the venue can hold, so all bookings are now going directly onto the waiting list.

Traditionally some places will open up for this event so don't be too disappointed to be on the waiting list. Places on the waiting list are filling fast, if you would still like to book in, please complete ALL of the following details with the correct information and make the necessary payment. Upon completing the form we will provide the necessary information to pay for Study Week 2020.


Personal details
Please note that only one dependant child under the age of two is allowed.

Baptised brothers should expect to assist in the duties of chairman, reading, praying, and discussion group leading at some point throughout the week.

Unbaptised males should expect to assist in the duty of being a discussion group helper at some point throughout the week.

During Study Week 2020 we ask that you consider the following so that each of us can be free from distraction whilst we grow in Christ together. Christ is our ultimate example so in all actions, thoughts and words we ask that you demonstrate behaviour that emulates him.

  • Please leave anything you think might distract yourself or others at home (you can bring your phone but please only use it if you absolutely need to) as this will help us all have a more uplifting time together.
  • No alcohol or illicit drugs are allowed at Study Week 2020. Not only do these do serious harm to you but can endanger others who attend. Only bring things that better yourself and others.
  • With regards to clothing, we ask that you wear modest clothing to all activities. There is a variety of activities during Study Week 2020, we would like you to be comfortable at all times. In light of this, pants may be worn throughout for all attendees - when packing, please keep in mind that modesty and moderate dress will be insisted upon.
  • In keeping with the spirit of Study Week 2020, please respect the facilities and equipment. We ask that you also respect the instruction of the Hosts and the Committee. Attendees must not leave the premises without the prior permission of the Secretary or Hosts.

I agree to receive email from Study Week 2020 with important information about the event. Please use the contact us form if you wish to opt-out of receiving emails.

Contact details
Please note that we will use this email address to contact you with important information about Study Week 2020.
Emergency Contact Details
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Enter only the numbers at the top of the card (leave out the Individual Reference Number next to your name). Australian attendees must complete this field.
Help Areas
Please send us an email at describing your dietary requirements.
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Please list any medical conditions you have.
All responses will be kept confidential.